Hacker takes revenge on partner who ’stole and did not split‘ and the two end up in prison

A hacker in the US to get revenge on his partner who didn’t want to split the stolen money ended up reporting him to the police but they both ended up in jail

An American hacker decided to take revenge on his partner who did not want to split the proceeds of the theft, but both ended up in jail on charges of a crime in the US.

The case would have started in 2019 when Jordan Milleson and Kyell Bryan, 21 and 19, respectively, joined forces to apply virtual hacks.

According to the Federal Court of the United States, they joined together to apply cybersquatting or spoofing scams, which is when fake websites or domains are created similar to the original and therefore end up deceiving users and stealing their credentials.

This way, through several techniques, Milleson and Bryan created fake domains that mimic mobile phone service providers (not only from the US).

Thus, when users sought to access their accounts in these providers they had their data stolen.

But the hackers‘ goal was not just to steal the data but to gain control of the phone lines and thereby clone the victims‘ chip to access other data linked to the phone as credentials in Bitcoin Trend App companies.


According to accusations by the U.S. courts of this type of action, they were able to steal about $16,000 in cryptomorphs from a U.S. citizen in 2019.

The Court does not clarify further details about the other possible frauds carried out by the hacker duo.

However, according to the American Court, the case was only discovered because one of the hackers, Bryan, would have denounced the accomplice as a form of revenge.

According to the prosecution’s report, which contains the hackers‘ initial testimony, after carrying out the Milleson burglaries he would have refused to share the cryptomorphs with Bryan.

Bryan, in revenge, called the police and passed himself off as a relative of Milleson’s claiming that he had shot his father.

The police went to the scene but did not find the alleged murder but stayed „with the flea in his ear“ about the case and began to investigate the activities in the house.

Until he discovered the activities of the hackers and arrested them both on charges of „cyber-crimes“.

If convicted both can get up to 30 years in prison.

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